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Easy Conference - Your own secure online conference platform

Conference are a great way network and increase your knowlege. In today's world people find travelling difficult to get to conferences, why not offer a conference online with the capablity for people to view sessions multiple times.

Benefits of Easy Conference

Secure Video Recording

Have you ever had a need to record your conference?

Many conference delegates would like to review to speakers sessions to get a better understanding of what was said.

Secure Live Video Stream

Do you need to get attendees from locations with poor internet connectivity?

Easy Conference will detect remote internet connections and adjust the video stream automatically, so the user gets a great experience.

Paywall platform

Do you want to earn money from your keynote speaker?

You can build a loyal audience and increase your revenue using subscriptions and pay on-demand video content.

Multi-camera support

Do you require to record your conference using multiple cameras?

Multiple cameras will enhance your conference. For instance one camera could track the speaker, second with a broadview of the attendees and the third camera with an overall view of the conference.

In-video Search

Do you want to search what a speaker has said after the conference?

Simply typing the word or phrase in the search window will get you to the point in the video when ever a speaker has said or had it in the power point presentation.

Non-destructable Editor

Would you like to edit your conference video recording without having to download to a PC with a video editor?

Easy Conference has a non-destructive video editor built-in, which means you can recover any content deleted by mistake. You can even insert any content.

Secure Video Mixing

Would you like to mix multiple camera feeds into one camera feed?

Using our software based video mixer and a producer you can create a TV quality live secure video stream with transition effects.

Video Conference Integration

Would like to use your favorite video conference software or system to capture your video content?

Easy Conference can seemlessly integrate with Zoom and many other video conference platforms.

Single point of contact

Our many years of experience in networking and video conferencing have enabled us to develop a unique range of support bundles with a single point of contact. We are here to help.

Nationwide support

No more wasting time trying to resolve your video conferencing problems. Wherever you may be in South Africa, be it Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will resolve your problem.

Fully managed rentals

No more dealing with complex technology and multiple suppliers. We install and manage the equipment on your premises, with reliable connectivity. Our rentals are flexible and upgradeable. You simply use the equipment, we do the rest.