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Earn commission by referring prospective clients to Atlantic for telecommunications and video collaboration products and services. Simply provide us the details of the organisation, the contact person and their contact number. The contact person should be aware that we will be contacting them..

EasyTelecoms commissions

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One of Atlantic’s most popular products is the Toshiba telephone system. A PABX connects a company’s telephone lines to all the extension telephones. Our customers are impressed with the cost effectiveness of the Toshiba which expands as they grow.

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EasyVideo commissions

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You’ve heard of Skype. You might even be an enthusiastic user. Video conferencing is like Skype on steroids. Companies use it to avoid wasting time braving the traffic to attend meetings. Atlantic offers the best of breed in a variety of equipment configurations to suit the customer.

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EasyConnectivity commissions

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Atlantic offers the most advanvced connectivity solutions with a suite of network management services. We will know about your connectivity problem before you do. Many of our connectivity solutions have redundancy thus ensuring that you are connected 100% of the time.

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