Secure video communication for common office areas and remote workers

Download the app and start breaking physical barriers between your common areas. If need be you can start using the built-in whiteboard.

Typical use cases for Video Window

Virtual receptionist

Why not have a single receptionist for any global branch office?

Connect a 65" or 75" touch display in your reception area with any USB camera, mic and speaker. You can then welecome your customers to any branch from anywhere

Expand Operations Room

Why not globalize your Operations Room to provide a 24 X 7 service?

Connect a 65" or 75" touch display in your operations area with any USB camera, mic and speaker. You can then break down all physical barriers between your operational people.

PA can be anywhere

Why not free your PA to work from anywhere?

Install a TV screen next to where your PA is working. You can then save all the travelling time.

Situation Room

Why not have a single global Situation Room?

Connect a 75" touch display in your situation room with any USB camera, mic and speaker. You can then welecome your experts from anywhere

Download the Video Window App for your device

Microsoft Windows

Choose an i7 PC with at least Microsoft Windows 10

Connect a 65" or 75" touch display for a life size feel. Any USB camera, mic and speaker will work but for great results use a 4K camera, mic array and soundbar

Apple Mac

The newer the better but even old (from 2009) Apple Macs will work

Download the app onto your Apple Mac and start a chat immediately. You can even use the built-in whiteboard as if you were in the same common area. What a great experience


Choose a PC with an i7 processor with as much memory as possible

Connect to 65" or 75" touch screen to get the best life sized feel. You can use a low cost touch overlay frame to turn non-touch screen into a touch screen.

Single point of contact

Our many years of experience in networking and video conferencing have enabled us to develop a unique range of support bundles with a single point of contact. We are here to help.

Nationwide support

No more wasting time trying to resolve your video conferencing problems. Wherever you may be in South Africa, be it Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will resolve your problem.

Fully managed rentals

No more dealing with complex technology and multiple suppliers. We install and manage the equipment on your premises, with reliable connectivity. Our rentals are flexible and upgradeable. You simply use the equipment, we do the rest.