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Flexibility of securely sharing your own intellectual property has become necessary in today's world.

Setup a secure online institute with secure in-video search today.

Business case for EasyInstitute

Town hall meeting

Live Product launches

Do you have a product launch that not everybody can attend in person?

Our secure video streaming service can stream to any device and be recorded at the same time.

Live stream support

Results Presentation

Do you require to present your Annual Results to your all your stakeholders?

Your multi-camera presentation can be securely streamed and recorded.

online platform

On-line Institute

Do you want your own Online learning platform?

You can easily create a secure online online platform for both your employees and customers to extend the reach of your company.

Town hall meeting

Executive videocast

Do you have a need to have a virtual townhall meeting?

Our secure recorded video streaming service can stream to any device, a great way to enhance your orgainization's team spirit.


Employee Collaboration

Did you miss an important meeting?

You can record a meeting automatically to be viewed at a convienent time with the ability to search for what was mentioned or presented.

Record Video business meetings


Have you ever had a need to send an a recording interview for a second opinion?

You can record the interview and then send it to your HR department for approval.

Features of Easy Institute

Record Video business meetings

Video Recording

Have you ever had a need to record a meeting?

Using our video recording service you can record any meeting. You can also keep the recording to quickly resolve any dispute that may arise.

Video Streaming

Video Live Stream

Do you have a video message to get to your organization quickly?

Our secure recorded video streaming service can stream into any device, a great way to enhance your orgainization's team spirit.

Multi-camera support

Multi-camera support

Do you require to record a training session with multiple cameras?

Using multiple cameras will enhance your training sesions. One camera tracking the trainer, second with a view of the students.

In-video search

In-video Search

Do you want to search what a speaker has said after the meeting?

Simply typing the word or phrase in the search window will get you to the point in the video when ever a speaker has said or had it in the power point presentation.

Non destructable editor

Non-destructable Editor

Would you like to edit your video recording without having to download to a PC with a video editor?

Easy Institute has a non-destructive video editor built-in, which means you can recover any content deleted by mistake. You can even insert any content.

LMS support

Integration with LMS

Would you like to integrate with your favourite Learning Management System?

Easy Institute integrates seemlessly with all the well know Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas etc).

Video Conference MS Team Zoom

Video Conference Integration

Would like to use your favorite video conference software or system to capture your video content?

Easy Institute can seemlessly integrate with MS Teams/Zoom/Webex and many other video conference platforms.

Video analytics

Video Analytics

Would like to get an understanding of the effectiveness of your videos?

With Easy Institute you can get detailed reports on audience engagement and viewing behaviour.

Single point of contact

Our many years of experience in networking and video conferencing have enabled us to develop a unique range of support bundles with a single point of contact. We are here to help.

Nationwide support

No more wasting time trying to resolve your video conferencing problems. Wherever you may be in South Africa, be it Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will resolve your problem.

Fully managed rentals

No more dealing with complex technology and multiple suppliers. We install and manage the equipment on your premises, with reliable connectivity. Our rentals are flexible and upgradeable. You simply use the equipment, we do the rest.