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EasyTelecoms service includes phones, pbx, connectivity, support, and real-time monitoring - a "one-stop" service. We only install what you need today and then adjust as and when your business needs change. No more wasting time dealing with many suppliers - verifying many invoices and resolving phone problems.

Business case for EasyTelecoms

Voice mail to email

Would you like to receive your voicemails as an email attachment on your mobile phone?

Our equipment offers you the ability to receive your voicemail messages on your PC, iPad or even your smart phone. You always stay connected to your office, no matter where you are.

Call forwarding

Would you like to divert your calls to another telephone while you are away from your the office?

By pressing a single button on your display telephone you can easily forward all your inbound office calls to any telephone number including your mobile telephone. You never miss a call.


Have you ever wished that you could use your mobile telephone as your office telephone while you are away from your desk?

Our telephone system will route your incoming calls to your mobile telephone via your on-premises wireless network or your telecoms service provider's network.

On-hold marketing

Would you like to introduce new products and services to your current customers?

Our system allows you to introduce to your customers the new products - cross selling - while they are on hold. At the same time you would be psychologically reducing the perceived hold times and generating extra sales revenue.

Conference calls

How many times have you wanted to discuss a document or a presentation with your colleagues whilst on a telephone call?

Our telephone system allows you to easily setup on an ad-hoc basis conference call.


Would you like to know who is calling before you answer the telephone, see if your colleague's extension is busy, have your companies extension list at your fingertips?

Enjoy these and many other productivity raising features, such as dialling a number by pressing a single button.

Call recording

Have you ever had a price dispute between a good customer and one of your internal sales people?

If the conversation was recorded, the call can be played back, the dispute can be resolved very quickly without damaging your relationship with the customer.

MS Teams support

Have you ever wanted to make a call or receieve a call from MS Teams?

With our full MS Teams integration you can call through your telephone system using any SIP extension. We support full call control.

Single point of contact

Our many years of experience in networking and telephony have enabled us to develop a unique range of support bundles with a single point of contact. We are here to help.

Nationwide support

No more wasting time trying to resolve your telephone problems. Wherever you may be in South Africa, be it Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will resolve your problem.

Fully managed rentals

No more dealing with complex technology and multiple suppliers. We install and manage the equipment on your premises, with reliable connectivity. Our rentals are flexible and upgradeable. You simply use the equipment, we do the rest.